Lighting & Studio Specification

28'x24'x12' to grid (670sqft) 8.4m x 7.2m x 3.6m(60sq m) U-shaped cyc and cove in white.

Broadley studio is a fully integrated and highly versatile space suitable for a wide variety of film shoots. We can provide as much assistance and support as you need. Our many years of experience can help you make the most of this well organised and resourceful facility.

Studio equipment

On site we have a wide range of lighting equipment, Sony F5 HD/2K/4K cameras, sound equipment including radio mics and boom, Autocue, Dolly and track, HD monitors and grip equipment. The stage comes as a pre-lit 3-walled white infinity space, with full-length green and blue chromakey cloths, and black velvet curtains all round.

The studio is connected to a gallery with monitoring, talk back and HD vision mixer for multi camera shoots.

Studio Hire

We can supply Broadley fully crewed or dry hire with lights, to suit your particular needs.

A wide range of the latest cameras, and additional lighting equipment is available on request.


Download Studio Specifications




Download our studio FLOOR PLAN

Studio spec

  • White Infinity 3 walled Cyc
  • Chroma key green and blue cloths
  • Black velvet curtains
  • Sound insulated
  • Air conditioning throughout
  • Saturated lighting rig from grid and floor
  • Playback PA
  • Full Gallery, vision and sound mixers with monitoring and talk back
  • Final Cut Pro/Premiere Pro edit suite with link to studio
  • Green room with comfortable sofas and monitoring from studio
  • Make up / dressing room with shower and wardrobe

Lighting List

  • Full saturated tungsten/fluorescent lighting state from grid or floor
  • 18 channel lighting desk
  • 3 phase, 63amp/phase
  • Comprehensive range of grip gear and power distribution
  • In house spark for rigging