CHROMA KEY green screen STUDIO 

Pre lit saturated green screen

The team at Broadley Studio has many years experience in getting the best out of chromakey green or blue. Let us make it easy for you to achieve the highest standards in this technique. We have full length and full width custom made cloths in both colours as standard, or the studio can be completely painted for wider action shots on request.

Green screen studio

We feature a pre lit, saturated green screen lighting rig from the overhead grid, which will solve many of the problems associated with uneven keys and chroma spill. We light the subject to fit your background material with a wide variety of other lighting choices from the floor or grid.


Our Sony F5 4K camera and experienced director of photography can maximise the quality of your key and help you to integrate the subject with your background images, using the correct lens and framing. We can also provide a live vision mix of the whole key for line up of images and confidence.

Chroma key green screen filming Package

Studio and lighting with full-length green or blue screen

Sony F5 4k sensor camera kit with XAVC/2K/4K record.
Sound Kit.
Lighting camera operator, sound recordist